"Aye. Mermaids. Sea ghouls, devil fish, dreadful in hunger for flesh of man. Mermaid waters, that be our path. Cling to your soul, as mermaids be given to take the rest, to the bone." (x)

𝔅eware of the mermaids that live beneath the ocean depths, for they are as beautiful as they are blood thirty. Under the sea, King Triton and his clan of daughters are creatures with a yearning for human flesh, feeding off the shore walkers in order to strengthen their immortality and power. The youngest of them all, Ariel, is perhaps the most fearsome. She spends her nights luring sailors to their deaths and ships to their destruction, collecting artifacts from those she has killed and storing them in a trove hidden away from the rest of her kin. She fantasizes about one day becoming the leader of the merfolk, dreaming about her father’s death and his crown being placed upon her pretty head. Ursula, the seawitch who had been banished upon birth for being born with tentacles in place of fins, feeds off Ariel’s hunger, luring her to her cave with promises of extraordinary power. The cecaelia tells the little mermaid that if she is able to successfully seduce and lure the human Prince Eric into the depths of the sea without the use of her voice, she will provide a spell that will help Ariel take her father’s thrown; however, should she not complete the task within a fortnight, the pain of being human will become more and more brutal until, on the final hour, she dissolves into foam. Immediately, she accepts, only to find herself incapable of speech with legs that seem to ache with each step she takes. Alone in a foreign world without her most powerful assets to guide her, Ariel takes on the task of assassinating the prince, though slowly finds herself becoming more and more enamored with the possibility of ruling not only the kingdom of the sea, but that on land as well. 
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